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Something As Cool As Reptiles!

Time for relax? Maybe it's time to actually enjoy these big dicks for extra small chicks! Some really beautiful girls have fallen for this scam of faketaxi sex.

What do you think about these great things happening to the porn industry with technology - this is the POVD.

Well that was interesting.

What was interesting?

I was driving my wife’s car to the station and I saw a little pickup pull up behind him. It had those little fake red and blue lights in the windshield. I pulled over, because we have been getting reports of a police fake cop impersonator pulling women over and assaulting them.

Was this the guy?

I doubt it was. This was a pimply 17 year-old who was doing this one. When he saw my uniform and realized I was a real cop, he peed his pants! After talking to him for a few minutes, I don’t think he is the guy we are looking for. I sent him on his way without doing anything, even though he could have gotten in a lot of trouble. I think he learned his lesson though.