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Application to RAEI Expeditions


To complete this application, you will need:
  • If a current or previous college student, a grade-point average or equivalent grade statistic
  • A one page personal statement outlining what you expect to gain by this program, either professional or personal. Feel free to elaborate on your personal interests and background. Also in this statement, give a brief self-assessment of your own abilities as they might relate to rigorous field work, long hours, working in groups, and under primitive conditions.
  • Names and contact information for two personal references and two emergency contacts.
Before your application will be considered, you must:
  • Print and sign the required legal waiver and attach a scanned copy to this application, or send by mail or email. Your application will not be considered until we receive your signed legal waiver.
  • Submit a $225 payment, of which $25 is a non-refundable application fee, and $200 is a deposit which is refundable only if your application is not accepted. This payment must be made before your application will be considered.

Use the participant checklist to guide yourself through the application and planning process.


Application Tips

• We accept participants from all walks of life.

• Except for under 18 trips to the Amazon rainforest, all expeditions are for ages 18 and up

• Our research trips can be physically and mentally demanding.

• Make sure you have asked all questions before applying.

Meet some of our previous research participants.

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