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The Art of Scientific Photography


While the scientific application of photography is crucial to our goals, it is limited in one vital respect: scientific photography is primarily of interest to scientists. However, we aim to open up our work in an accessible fashion for the education and appreciation of everyone, and we do this with art. While a standard "diagnostic" photo of an animal works remarkably well for data, such photos are generally lacking a valuable aspect: the ability for one to emotionally connect with the subject.

All of our photos are available as fine-art prints. Visit BiodiversityPhotography.org for a partial listing of available photos. Additionally, any photos seen on this site, as well as thousands more are available. Inquire for more possibilities.


All photos on this site and thousands more are available as fine-art prints as well as stock images.

Find out about how we use photography for species identification.

Many of our Ecuadorian photographs will be published in our upcoming field guide.

Contact us about photography at RAEI.

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