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Research Participants

Ecuador Summer 2009 Term I

Ecuador Summer 2009 Term II

Ecuador February 2009

Feb 2009 Photo Galleries >>

Ecuador Summer 2008 Term I

                                                                                           Summer 2008 Photo Galleries >>

Derek O'Neill, Hillary Hoffman, Bill Pence, Patrick Goring 

Ecuador Summer 2008 Term II

Placido Palacios (Guide), Bill Pence, Nate Shepard, Ross Maynard, Hillary Hoffman

Ecuador Summer 2008 Term III

Brian Rivazza, Don Freddy (landowner), Carlos Robles (Guide), Steve Bugaj, Tim Christensen, Rafael (Assistant)

Mexico Summer 2008

Photos Coming Soon

Jason Ksepka, Bill Langworthy, Laurence Jarvis link


January 2008

Claire Robinson, Cheryl Zaitschenko, Laurence Jarvis
with Placido Palacios (guide) Samael Padilla (assistant)    Photo Galleries >>

August 2007

Tara Luckau, Lisa Edema, Lindsey Bonner, Anthony Rodgers, Bill Langworthy, Destiny Poruchny, Steve Beri. with Darwin Leon and Carlos Robles (guides).  Photo Galleries>>

May 2007

Andrew Durso, Jonathan Pahlas, Kelly Donithan, Mike Chiego, Liani Zabala, Heather Heinz, Ross Maynard                                                                                                       Photo Galleries >>

January 2007

J.P. Lawrence, Ariana Rickard with Maximo (Guide)              Photo Galleries>>


2002-2006 Shannon Hoss, Christiane Mouette, Federico Pardo, Norah Debellis, Shannon Laage, Diann Gaalema, Nat Evans, Stephanie Fletcher, Ryan Simpson, Colin DuPee


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