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40 Peaks in 40 Nights:
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RAEI is embarking on an ambitious new journey of discovery to the cloud forests of western Ecuador to discover new species and understand patterns of extinction in these disappearing ecosystems.

We need your help to explore 40 mountaintop ecological communities that are under siege from habitat destruction, disease, and global warming. Our unique, 40-night survey will span dozens of miles of transects and record hundreds, if not thousands, of animals.

Our limited work on some of these mountaintops has revealed at least 30 new species of frog! There is a lot more to find.

And even more importantly, we need to find out what is happening to the rare biodiversity of these fragile ecosystems. We need to do the ground work to see why populations are disappearing, so that we can take affirmative steps to save them and their habitats before entire species vanish forever.

The images of frogs you are looking at are just a few of the potential new species found in our preliminary work at the 40 Peaks sites. Will you help us find more and save them from extinction?

Your generous tax-deductable donation will give us the means necessary to undertake this ambitious goal. See our donation page to find out exactly where your gift will go.

P.S. -- Stay tuned to find out how you can participate in the 40 Nights expedition!


For its size, Ecuador is the most biodiverse country on earth. It holds about 8% of all the species of amphibians on Earth and 16% of bird species--all in a country about the size of Arizona!

Many tropical ecosystems are under dire peril--our study regions in western Ecuador are over 95% deforested!

You can help with this important work -- donate today.

Find out how you can participate in our research expeditions to the rainforests of Ecuador.

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