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RAEI Outreach

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Outreach Programs are a vital part of RAEI.  Whether helping your kids explore and discover the diversity of wildlife in their own backyards, or giving a slide show and sharing the techniques of Dr. Hamilton’s stunning macro photography from the Amazon, we believe that education is the key to preserving biodiversity around the globe.  Both our child and community outreach programs help spread the appreciation for the rich variety of life that surrounds us.  RAEI’s outreach experiences empower and inspire people of any age to act in order to help conserve the planet’s threatened ecosystems.

Find out more about how RAEI: Kids! can be an active part of your particular students’ classroom learning.

Find out more about RAEI's Community Outreach Programs and to schedule presentation, lecture, or activity custom-suited for your organizaiton.






After attending over 20 years of presentations, Roger Repp of the Tucson Herpetological Society said of the presenation given by RAEI Director Paul Hamilton "If [it] wasn't the best ever, it was. . .sure in the top five."

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