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Post-expedition Follow-up Survey

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey, which will give us a better idea of how we can make improvements and adjustments to our policies and protocols. Use the drop-down menus for ranking each item.

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Usability of web site.

Content of web site

Notes on web site

Application and application process

Accommodations and food in Quito

Accommodations and food at La Perla

Accommodations and food at Lalo Loor

Accommodations and food at Pata de Pajaro

Accommodations and food at Punta Prieta

Transportation between sites

Notes on accommodations, food and transportation

Difficulty and hours of work

Knowledge and abilities of field leaders

Did you feel that you knew what the game plan would be for the next day?

Did you feel like you were properly briefed on health and safety issues?

TRANSECT and IDENTIFY data sheets and manual


Which improvements would
you most like to see?

Notes on improvements
Any additional comments

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Application Tips

• We accept participants from all walks of life.

• Our research trips can be physically and mentally demanding.

• For each research trip we go to different locations which can have very different demands--be familiar with the term you are applying to.

• Make sure you have asked all questions before applying.

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