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Carbon Offsets

We appreciate not only the positive contributions of our work and travel, but the potential negative impacts on the environments in which we work, as well as globally. Because of this recognition, we have formed a partnership with Conservation International, whereby are now offsetting our entire carbon footprint with reforestation in our study region in western Ecuador. Thus, we not only give back on a global level, but we give directly to the environments in which we work.

But best of all, you too can reduce or eliminate your own carbon footprint with our carbon offset program. We encourage our research participants to use this program to reduce the impact of attending our expeditions, but anyone can participate in this program by offsetting their carbon footprint for any air travel, anywhere, anytime.

To participate, simply chose a level that you would like to offset; we have pre-calculated options for our Ecuador field participants. Or simply enter the number of miles you are traveling, or select any dollar value, and press either the Google Checkout or Donate button, and you will be led to a simple, easy, and fast checkout. Please consider making your contribution today, and help us act locally at our study sites, while making a global impact.

2-week Ecuador Expeditions
Flights of any length (miles are distances one-way for round-trip travel, with 4 days hotel stay).
Enter any amount to offset your carbon footprint for anything, from air travel to home electric. Each ton of CO2 costs about $10 to offset.


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• We accept participants from all walks of life.

• Our research trips can be physically and mentally demanding.

• For each research trip we go to different locations which can have very different demands--be familiar with the term you are applying to.

• Make sure you have asked all questions before applying.

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